BLEND / EVOH / PE High barrier sheets

Lámina alta barrera BLEND/EVOH/PE

Multi-layer sheets composed of a BLEND of PS/PP as base material, EVOH acting as a barrier and PE in contact with the food.


BLEND PS/PP: It offers the sheets a very good impact and temperature resistance.

EVOH: Polyvinyl alcohol copolymer providing the sheets with excellent gases barrier properties.

PE: It’s the layer contacting the packed product. It is easy to seal and offers a good fats and chemical resistance. It is offered in varying densities depending on the customer needs.

Main features

  • Excellent gases, water vapour and flavour barrier properties.
  • High gases, oils and chemical products resistance.
  • Good mechanical properties.
  • Easy thermoforming characteristics.
  • MVery good sealing characteristics.
  • Sheets can be hot filled.
  • Suitable for use in microwaves.


  • PE peelable layer.
  • Sheets can be white single-coloured, bi-coloured, transparent and with or without gloss.
  • Possibility of adding a DECORATIVE PRINTED FILM on the external side.