Since its founding over 40 years ago, the commitment of COEXPAN with regards to the company sustainability has been absolute, both from the environmental and social and economic point of view.

We are pioneers in foaming and the use of biodegradable materials is part of our history.

Besides the internal actions of each plant in order to avoid the possible social and environmental impact, COEXPAN collaborates and takes part in different international and regional organizations with the objective of promoting and performing the prevention of waste plastic from production, the assessment and reuse of waste from all type of plastics.

To this end the required technical and human resources are intended to in order to define, implement and maintain a management system and good management practices and to implement a continuous improvement culture based on the Lean Manufacturing principles which meet the most advanced and stringent standards. This could lead us to full targets achievement, business success, customer demands and local applicable regulations, including work safety matters, environmental and corporate social responsibility aspects.

All these measures allow us to achieve a greater competitiveness and differentiation in a global market.

Besides complying with our corporative social responsibility, these measures allow us to achieve a greater competitiveness and differentiation in a global market.

Social commitment

Coexpan colabora con Fundación Tomillo

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COEXPAN altogether with the rest of the divisions of Grupo Lantero closely collaborate with Tomillo Foundation, a private, non-profit entity aimed at contributing to social improvement of individuals and most vulnerable groups through education, increasing employability, strengthening of social networks, analysis and innovation.

Tomillo Foundation began over 30 years ago under the leadership of Javier Lantero and Manuel Fierros who joined with the aim of doing something useful for society through a charity project to help those most in need. The foundation was born to give immediate answers to unemployment problems back then, creating small companies employing youth with limited resources and low levels of education until becoming what it is today, a project that has changed the life of over 600,000 personas.