On the basis of firm values, the objective of COEXPAN is to guarantee the Group’s profitable and sustainable growth by promoting and retaining talent and offering attractive career opportunities and professional advancement within our teams.

Our commitment is based on continuing to improve work environments at all our facilities, as well as implementing equal opportunities policies as we continue to optimize our operations.

  • Highly successful international business

Our company has earned itself a position as a world leader in packaging solutions for the dairy sector, with strong growth in turnover, facilities located around the world, and diversification of products on the market.

  • A dynamic and growing sector

In a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, COEXPAN employs a team of professionals whose everyday work is committed to providing our customers with the best service and making it possible for the company to achieve its productivity and quality goals while respecting both people and the environment.

  • Personal and professional development

At COEXPAN we promote and encourage our employees’ personal and professional development and we provide them with the necessary means to achieve their goals efficiently and under the best possible conditions.

  • Equal opportunities

We make sure everyone is given the same opportunities without discrimination in terms of sex, race, religion, age or nationality. Our corporate policies ensure compliance with the values of Grupo Lantero, guaranteeing the respect and integrity of all our employees.

  • An international career

All our workers have access to developing their professional careers within the company, at an international level. COEXPAN’s solid global presence offers our professionals the opportunity to take on new challenges and experiences abroad, serving our customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

  • COEXPAN’s Values

We believe in attracting and empowering our human capital through fair and competitive policies to ensure a good working environment, as well as professional advancement and personal appreciation. While still committed to providing our customers and shareholders with results, we ensure that honesty is upheld at all times as a consistent factor in our business and we always act on the basis of strict professional ethics.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics



  • Code of Ethics

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