COEXPAN acquires RPC Montonate

RPC Cobelplast Montonate is a leading company in the rigid PET plastic extrusion industry with a strong presence in the European market. Its product applications are used in the thermoforming, packaging, printing, pharmaceutical and speciality markets.

According to RaĆŗl GraƱa, the General Manager of COEXPAN, ā€œthe acquisition of RPC Cobelplast Montonate provides the COEXPAN Division with a unique opportunity to augment the companyā€™s presence in a strategic PET resin application market and opens up new geographically complementary marketsā€.

GraƱa also appreciates that this acquisition permits ā€œentry into new market segments and the introduction of innovative product solutions in line with the requirements of COEXPANā€™s customersā€.

The groupā€™s chief executive explained that, through this purchase, ā€œCOEXPAN has reinforced its leading position in the rigid plastic market for food packaging applications, RPC Cobelplast Montonate offering us not only opportunities for growth in other markets, but also technological knowledge and financial strengthā€.

With this acquisition, COEXPAN now has thirteen Production plants in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico with a total workforce of 800 employees.