Madrid, 2nd April 2020 ‚Äď COEXPAN has been awarded the MORE (Monitoring Recyclates for Europe) seal by EuPC and ANAIP in acknowledgement of the company‚Äôs efforts to reach the targets of the European Commission‚Äôs Plastics Strategy. ¬†¬†The European MORE platform was set up last year with the aim of monitoring the use of recycled material by plastics converters. The initiative is spearheaded by European Plastics Converters and supported by ANAIP to coordinate it in Spain.¬†The seal of approval in relation to the MORE platform has been developed by ANAIP to acknowledge those Spanish plastics converters who are working to incorporate recycled material in their production processes and also as a way of giving greater visibility to the use of recycled material which is taking place in the plastics industry.¬†ANAIP makes the platform available to Spanish plastics converters to obtain this seal of approval, for which purpose companies must demonstrate the real use they make of raw materials obtained from recycled plastics.

COEXPAN is joining in with this initiative to highlight its commitment to achieving the target set by the European Commission through the Circular Plastics Alliance for 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics to find their way into products in the EU by 2025.

Along these same lines, it is noteworthy that COEXPAN has recently joined the Chilean Plastics Pact, an initiative based on circularity and launched by  Fundación Ellen MacArthur Foundation that aims to achieve a sustainable future for plastics, progressing towards a circular economy to transform the global plastic packaging market, promoting recycling, redesign and reuse.

In addition, COEXPAN is an active participant in different projects on the circular economy and recycling of the main thermoplastic polymers. One of these is the EU-subsidised EPS SURE Life Project for the design of an innovative system for the collection, pre-treatment and recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste to produce new polystyrene (PS) packaging suitable for food contact.

One of company’s undertakings, together with its sister division EMSUR (Flexible Packaging), is the recently inaugurated Innovation and Development Centre, INNOTECH, that is set to become a benchmark centre in addressing the major challenges faced by the industry in relation to sustainability and circularity.

COEXPAN-EMSUR’s commitment to Sustainability is based on the development of packaging solutions that contribute to food availability and waste reduction. The sustainability vision of both these Grupo Lantero divisions focuses on the eco-design and recyclability of their packaging, reaffirming their contribution to achieving a circular economy model.