Madrid, 10th March 2020 –  COEXPAN FORMPLAST plants in the towns of Beaucouzé and Chantrans in France passed the BRC Packaging Materials audit with flying colours and were awarded a grade ”A” at both of the plants. This certification endorses the group’s firm commitment to producing safe products that comply with the most stringent packaging requirements.

This award for the Beaucouzé and Chantrans plants means that COEXPAN now has a total of five BRC-certified plants, amongst which Madrid stands out particularly after the plant obtained the highest “AA” grade in the latest audit. In the case of Chantrans, this first-time certification marks a milestone for the plant and acknowledges the excellence of its employees.

The aim of BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials certification is to protect consumers by providing a common basis for the certification of companies that supply packaging to food producers, to ensure that it complies with certain requirements thus guaranteeing the hygiene and maximum safety of foodstuffs.

In addition, this certificate is recognised worldwide, approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and only accessible to companies with a food safety management system that is implemented effectively and in compliance with customer and customer requirements.

COEXPAN promotes a food quality and safety culture at all its plants based on 3 key pillars: maximising customer satisfaction, providing the highest quality standards and encouraging a culture of continuous improvement. The award of BRC certification reflects the company’s fulfilment of these three pillars.

As well, COEXPAN, through its corporate  ONE SAFETY   programme, works to ensure that all its personnel enjoys a healthy, safe work environment as a way of guaranteeing  excellence in employee performance.

Commitment to Sustainability

COEXPAN’s commitment to Sustainability is based on promoting the preservation of food and on providing products that optimise the use of natural resources, supporting local communities and furthering the conservation of the environment. The company’s approach to sustainability focuses on eco-design and the circularity of its packaging, reaffirming its contribution to achieving a future of more sustainable packaging.

INNOTECH, our innovation centre acts as a springboard for promoting the development of new products that are recyclable and biodegradable after use, and that, whenever possible, include recycled material, guaranteeing optimal conditions of product quality and safety.