Coexpan Coembal Chile receives the “CPA” seal of approval from the Sustainability and Climate Change agency

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The Clean Production Agreement (CPA) seal is an acknowledgement of the good practices in place at COEXPAN’s plant: application of energy-efficient measures, low carbon footprint, implementation of waste management and occupational safety systems.

COEXPAN COEMBAL CHILE has received the CPA (Clean Production Agreement) seal of approval, granted by the Government of Chile’s Sustainability and Climate Change Agency in acknowledgement of the good practices the company has put in place to implement a clean production system at its facilities, and in recognition of its commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.

As part of a voluntary undertaking, COEXPAN, along with another 14 companies in the packaging industry in Chile, now forms part of the Clean Production Agreement (CPA) promoted by the Chilean Packaging Centre (Centro de Envases y Embalajes de Chile – CENEM). This historic agreement has improved the industry’s sustainability and allowed progress to be made towards proposals for integrated packaging management.


The prestigious CPA seal awarded to COEXPAN COEMBAL CHILE aims to improve production and environmental conditions in companies in the areas of occupational health and safety, energy efficiency, reduction of emissions and waste recovery, among other important areas, the idea being to create synergies between companies and scalable systems to achieve better environmental performance and to enhance the competitiveness of Chilean companies.

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Goals in the Clean Production Agreement achieved by COEXPAN

As Cristian Spoerer, Managing Director of COEXPAN COEMBAL CHILE explains, “We are very proud of this prestigious seal of approval that certifiesthe environmental and social sustainability of our operations. At COEXPAN we are committed to efficient production, allowing us to offer top-quality products and to guarantee responsible use of resources, in order to contribute to a better, more sustainable society”.