Coexpan Deutschland Officially Participates in the Nationwide Girl’s Day 2019

dia de las niñas 2019

On 28th March COEXPAN Deutschland will again be part of the nationwide Girls’ Day in Germany. With the purpose of showcasing technical jobs to the female workers of the future, a group of girls from 5th grade onwards will have the opportunity to find out all about the technical professions at the COEXPAN production plant to orient their future careers.

This awareness initiative, carried out at national scale, aims to highlight professions that are currently mostly male dominated but that can be equally performed by women. Thanks to this event, Girls’ Day participants get an idea of technical careers in a real corporate environment and discover different companies, often for the first time. Furthermore, this event offers them the opportunity to introduce themselves with a view to applying for an internship or apprenticeship after graduation.

At the COEXPAN Deutschland plant the girls’ visit is organised and planned by a group of employees that includes the Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Quality Manager and Human Resources Manager who work together to ensure the success of this important initiative that aims to foster gender equality in the workplace. During the event, COEXPAN employees explain their daily jobs to the girls and the skills that they need to fulfil their role as members of a team. A great example of collaboration across the hierarchy.

COEXPAN Deutschland is committed to developing a better place to work, implementing equal opportunity policies and continuous improvements in its operations. At present, people with different academic qualifications and different backgrounds work together at COEXPAN Deutschland to meet customers’ needs. There is still only a small percentage of women working in the production department, but the expectations are for the numbers to grow in the coming future.

In the light of this positive experience, COEXPAN Deutschland is looking forward to participating infurther Girls’ Day initiatives.