COEXPAN FSP scales up its facilities and incorporates a new-generation barrier extrusion line

COEXPAN, Grupo Lantero’s Division that specializes in the manufacture of rigid plastic sheets and thermoformed products, has completed work on enlarging its COEXPAN FSP plant, located in Roye, France, where it has set up of a new line incorporating all the latest advances in extrusion technology.

The new machine manufactures PS, PP and PLA sheets for wide range of medium and high barrier packaging solutions for ready-made products, baby food, fruit compotes, dairy desserts, coffee & tea, among other items.

The investment carried out allows COEXPAN FSP to enhance its already extensive portfolio of packaging solutions for the food industry and to consolidate its position as the COEXPAN Division’s Centre of Excellence for the manufacture of Barrier Products globally, increasing the plant’s production capacity by another 7,000 tons per year.

The project also included extending production and storage facilities, doubling the surface area of the plant, with a new 3,700 m2 production area, four new silos, a new 2,700 m2 warehouse and a new office area.

These more modern, more efficient facilities are designed in line with Lean Manufacturing principles that guarantee optimized work flows and use of production resources by applying a system of continuous improvement, seeking to achieve maximum efficiency and operation excellence.


COEXPAN FSP has been awarded the prestigious BRC certification by AENOR, guaranteeing its compliance with one of most stringent food safety standards to produce plastic packaging for food contact.

With this project COEXPAN shows its dedication to innovation and to developing new barrier solutions for the food packaging market as well as its ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest quality and safety of its products and to guaranteeing customer satisfaction.