Coexpan acquires the thermoforming unit of BO Packaging in Chile

COEXPAN, the Grupo Lantero division specialising in rigid sheet solutions and thermoformed products and present in the Chilean market through its subsidiary COEXPAN Coembal Chile (Santiago de Chile), has concluded an agreement for the acquisition of the thermoforming unit of BO Packaging Chile, which will continue with its current flexible packaging and poly-paper operations in Brazil and Peru.

This operation allows COEXPAN to consolidate its position as a leading player in the production of rigid FFS foils and thermoformed solutions for the food packaging industry, by extending its PS, PP, PET and PLA capacities, through its existing production plants in Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

The COEXPAN Coembal Chile plant, located in Quilicura, Santiago, currently has a portfolio of PS, PP and PP Barrier, PET and PET Barrier based products for the development of packaging mainly aimed at the fresh food packaging sector (trays for sliced products, meat, fish, fruit clamshells, etc), dairy products and ready-prepared foods, personal care and hygiene products, household products, among others.

As COEXPAN Division CEO, Dinis Mota, points out, ‚ÄúThe acquisition of BO Packaging Chile forms part of our Global Thermoforming Strategic Plan and it will enable us both to reinforce our presence in an area that is strategic for the Division and to broaden our portfolio of rigid packaging products in other countries in the short term. We are delighted to work with BO Packaging Chile and to be able to offer our customers increasingly more efficient, more sustainable packaging solutions‚ÄĚ.

Furthermore, as highlighted by Cristian Spoerer, Managing Director of COEXPAN Coembal Chile: ‚ÄúThis important operation allows us to continue to grow in Chile through our line of thermoformed products while at the same time continuing to develop innovative solutions based on the pillars of sustainability and circularity‚ÄĚ.