COEXSHIELD Packaging solutions to add hyper-extended shelf life & food safety

Madrid, 18 November 2021. –¬† COEXPAN, through INNOTECH, is launching a range of food packaging solutions, amongst which are its COEXSHIELD antibacterial monomaterial trays for fresh food applications. Compared to the usual MAP systems, these innovative trays offer newly developed antibacterial features for packaging solutions that combine an attractive product presentation with smart & active functions to avoid food waste while increasing shelf-life & sustainability thanks to their optimized recyclability in a choice of mono PET or PP options.¬†

The United Nations World Food Programme estimates that 1/3 of food is lost or wasted, amounting to a financial loss of about US$ 1 trillion annually. Food waste in developed countries contributes directly to climate emergencies that leave millions of people facing hunger and is responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why, halving food waste by 2030 is a target under the Sustainable Development Goals and at COEXPAN & EMSUR we want to contribute to avoiding food waste through our smart & active packaging which increases the shelf-life of its contents.

Coexpan has replaced complex medium- and high-barrier laminates with high-barrier monomaterials, employing  a wide range of special additives that are completely safe for food contact. The new COEXSHIELD products increase shelf-life from 7 to 12 days depending on the producer’s initial hygiene and food safety conditions.

INNOTECH (COEXPAN‚Äės Innovation and Technology Centre), has succeeded in developing a cost-effective, innovative, and technically advanced range of trays with built-in antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the outer packaging of fresh food. This rigid solution can be developed in combination with Emsur and its EMFULL barrier lids, especially eco-designed to allow complete recyclability of the tray.

The options available are:

  • COEXSHIELD RAM 0: antibacterial tray containing a virucidal additive, active in the presence of Covid Sars II, with technology based on copper micro and nanoparticles. FDA compliant.
  • COEXSHIELD Infinite: antibacterial power on E. Coli and C. Yeyuni, FDA & EFSA compliant.
  • COEXSHIELD Fresher: anti-odour scavenging tray that eliminates smells, acid-aliphatic-sulfur compound families, FDA & EFSA compliant.

This range is offered with a transparent or coloured base, with a high gloss or matte finish. The special formulations designed by Coexpan offer higher stress resistance compared to traditional materials, together with a longer shelf-life.

At Coexpan & Emsur we continue to work on developments that respond to our customers’ needs and to consumer and market trends as well as driving forward our sustainability commitment to create great packaging solutions that contribute to food availability and waste reduction and are recyclable or biodegradable after use.