Multi-layer sheets composed of several layers of co-extruded polystyrene

  • Good mechanical properties
  • Easy thermoforming characteristics
  • Good sealing qualities
  • Printing possibility and quality


Multi-layer sheets composed of several polyethylene co-extruded layers.

  • Good mechanical properties.
  • Good sealing properties.
  • Printing possibility and quality.
  • Cannot be cut.


Sheets suitable for contact with food, made by several co-extruded polyester layers.

  • Excellent flavour barrier properties
  • Easy thermoforming characteristics
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • High transparency and gloss


Multi-layer sheets composed of several extruded PLA layers of organic and compostable origin.

  • Suitable oxygen barrier properties. Poor water vapour barrier properties.
  • Easy thermoforming characteristics.
  • High transparency and gloss.
  • Compostability.


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