COEXPAN and EMSUR will be in the Expo Pack Mexico 2016

06 May 2016

Lantero Group Divisions, Coexpan (rigid plastic) and Emsur (flexible plastic) will meet together at the stand 966 in the Expo Pack Mexico event on the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of May.

The Expo Pack event, which takes place every year in Ciudad de Mexico in the Bancomer Santa Fe centre, is organised by the PMMI and addressed to professionals from the different industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, etc. Over 25,000 customers coming from more than 30 countries are expected to visit all the latest technologies in machinery, packaging and processing equipment as well as containers among others exhibited all around the almost 1,000 stalls.

Expo Pack Mexico 2016 is for both Divisions a great opportunity to present together the main news about packaging solutions in a wide range of industries such as dairy products, fresh food, ready-made meals, beverage, etc.



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