EsPlásticos: the new Plastics Platform

Madrid, December 10th, 2019. Last November we welcomed EsPlásticos: the new plastics platform that serves as a point of union for the different agents in the sector and the plastics value chain.

The Platform has as founding partners different industry associations: Plastics Europe, Anaip, Aimplas and Cicloplast. It is worth mentioning the collaboration between Coexpan-Emsur and the last three associations mentioned in order to promote the circularity of plastics.

EsPlástico was created with the aim of making sustainable plastic solutions known as well as highlighting the technical, economic, social and environmental advances of the sector. The main messages of this platform are focused on the circular economy, climate change, safety and health and marine litter.

This Platform informs about the benefits of plastic and awareness about the proper management of waste to reduce the environmental impact. In addition, innovation in the sector occupies a space of great relevance highlighting R&D projects related to recycling and sustainable development, among others.

Thanks to initiatives such as EsPlástico, different agents in the sector join forces to reach a future of increasingly sustainable plastic.


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