New thermoforming line in COEXPAN Formplast

COEXPAN technical team completed the installation of a new machine, KIEFEL KMD64 model, intended for producing rigid thermoformed packages in Polypropylene (PP): mono, media and high barrier. This new thermoforming line is equipped with the latest advances in thermoforming technology counting with two stations of pressure-forming and cut and a comprehensive piling device with a high level of automation and efficiency.

This investment means an increase in the production capacity in the COEXPAN Formplast plant of 600 tones a year and it will be mainly intended for packages of fresh, ready-made and dairy products.

COEXPAN Formplast enhances this way its portfolio of PS, PET and PVC/PE thermoformed products for the food packaging: sliced meat, fish and meat trays, vegetables and fruits clamshells, sandwiches, ready-made food, dairy desserts, etc.