COEXPAN joins the OCS (Operation clean sweep) programme

Madrid, 3rd February 2022 – COEXPAN joins the OCS (Operation Clean Sweep¬ģ) programme, which promotes environmental awareness and protection. Through this initiative, the Group reaffirms its commitment to the preservation of the planet, as well as its aim to develop responsible packaging solutions.

OCS is an international plastics industry programme designed to prevent the emission of plastic particles (pellets, flakes, dust) during handling by the various entities in the plastics value chain and their release into the environment.

This initiative, which originated in North America, has been brought to Spain by ANAIP (Spanish Plastics Industry Association), certifying companies that voluntarily and actively commit to reducing waste in the environment, as well as raising awareness among their employees.

The methodology included in the OCS certification programme has already contributed to the implementation of corrective measures aimed at minimising pellet loss throughout the plastics supply chain in many companies in the industry worldwide.

Committed to Sustainability

COEXPAN’s commitment to sustainability is based on promoting food preservation, as well as offering products that optimise the use of natural resources, favouring local communities and promoting environmental conservation. The company’s sustainability vision focuses on eco-design and the circularity of its packaging, reaffirming its contribution to achieving a more sustainable packaging future.

The new innovation centre, INNOTECH, is presented as a lever to promote the development of new products that can be recyclable or biodegradable after use and, in addition, whenever possible, include recycled material, guaranteeing optimal product quality and safety conditions.