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Our team of technical experts in innovation support our customers’ needs, providing innovative ideas for the development of more efficient, convenient and sustainable packaging solutions that add value and competitiveness to products.

Innovation and Excellence form part of our DNA

We have been revolutionizing the rigid packaging market since 1973 with our efficient, sustainable solutions, accompanying our customers’ developments and helping them to meet consumers’ packaging needs.

Coexpan boasts a dedicated, professionalized Innovation Department with global reach. Our commitment to innovation is based on always providing the best service for customers and ensuring the competitiveness and modernity of our company through innovation. Our developments are built on four key pillars of innovation:


Eco-design by improving product recyclability and reducing waste.

New bio-based materials: PLA, PLA/PHA, Bio-PET.

Partnerships with customers, suppliers and sector associations to promote the circular economy.

Product optimization through solutions based on foamed materials and with mineral fillers.

Active & Smart

High technology packaging for food preservation and protection.

Barrier products for extended shelf-life and lower food wastage.

Anti-microbial additives and oxygen scavengers to boost product appeal.

Nanotechnology freshness indicators for optimum durability and safety.


Innovative packaging formats adapted to new consumer habits.

Food waste reduction through single-serve packs.

Improved packaging functionality with easy peelable and resealable films.

Greater consumer convenience with practical microwaveable solutions.


Customized solutions to create consumer brand awareness.

Special effects and finishes to catch consumers’ attention.

Personalized packaging adapted to meet new market trends.

Our extensive knowledge of the market and excellent customer relations means that we can stay competitive and always offer the best packaging solutions. Our team of experts assesses and guides customers’ developments, providing new perspectives and applications. Working together we develop innovative solutions that add value and product differentiation on the market.

Innovation Centre: INNOTECH

INNOTECH is COEXPAN & EMSUR’s innovation and sustainability centre specializing in integral rigid and flexible packaging solutions.

But INNOTECH is much more than an innovation centre. It is a unique space, born to shape a sustainable future for plastic packaging; to push the boundaries of what is possible; to become a benchmark and an innovation platform not only for our customers, but for the whole industry.


INNOTECH is a place where ideas become reality.


Committed to innovation and to creating value through more efficient and sustainable products.